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button to pick the file to upload, just like on a desktop/laptop.** Easy downloading! Android Reverse Tethering 3.14 automatically scans for downloadable links.You may have to let the video play first, skipping any ads. Then close the video."The iUploader app is the only way I know of to load files such as resumes and cover letters to sites such as Monster and CareerBuilder (those having the "Browse for File" links intended for desktop use) from an iOS device. If there is another way to do it, then I'm just not aware of it. I asked for this on the Android Reverse Tethering 3.14 discussion forum months ago and now here it is! Thank you app devs for this!" - (5 stars ) user review"It's great that you finally can use the browse button to upload something, a photo, a resume, just add an attachment. You must do this in the browser / address bar in the app, it does not always directly from safari. So just copy the url from safari to the app. And there on the browse button Button...." - (4 stars ) Dutch user review** NOTE: You must use the built-in web browser in the app to upload your files.*** Compatible with the D-Link DIR-505 Mobile SmartPort router. Lets you upload files to the USB memory stick attached to your D-Link DIR-505 SmartPort mobile router.Uploading tested and verified with the following websites: Android Reverse Tethering 3.14 ** New ** Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access 2003. Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access 2010. Monster (.com and CareerBuilder Craigslist Android Reverse Tethering 3.14 Android Reverse Tethering 3.14 FloridaTechOnline (.com) Android Reverse Tethering 3.14 (.com) Toodledo (.com) Redmine based portals Petsfinder (.com) D-Link DIR-505 Mobile SmartPort router SoundCloud (.com) <- NEW ** filecloud (.io) <- NEW ** Taleo (talentexchange .com)

Styled as an arcade soccer game in a similar vein to Mario Strikers Charged, Inazuma Eleven Strikers has you and up to three other friends battle it out on the pitch for supremacy. The game certainly retains all the energetic fun of the anime and DS games with its bright, cel-shaded visuals, but monotonous voice acting, weak characters, and a lack of depth make this Wii spin-off a tiresome experience. Given the range of pauldrons and vambraces found in other dungeon-crawlers it's disappointing that loot is restricted to weapons and shields. At least there are a pleasing variety of both, with swords, daggers, maces, and axes to choose from, each offering different benefits and buffs. There’s something inherently satisfying about finding an item that’s just a little better than the one you currently own, and once you’re caught inside that addictive loot loop, you’ll find it difficult to wriggle free. The monotony of travel is compounded by the grayness and brownness of the roads and canyons. For too long, you crave visual variety that doesn't come, especially if you're used to the visual diversity of a game like Skyrim, where you might cross snowcapped mountains and survey lush caverns in the same hour. Yet there's more to Dragon's Dogma's art design than initially meets the eye--it's just that the variety is easy to miss when environments are painted with subtler brushstrokes than you're used to. As a cartoonish brawler centered on four-person hijinks, Fable Heroes resembles the chaotically entertaining Castle Crashers. Unfortunately, Fable Heroes never comes close to reaching the highs of that downloadable juggernaut, and even in its best moments it feels like it's three steps behind gameplay developments that have kept the genre alive. While it's not without its fun moments, Fable Heroes is a mere novelty that never establishes itself as a worthy offshoot of the traditional Fable adventures. While the humans' focus is ranged combat, the dinosaurs like showing off their fine dental work. Running and biting are key pillars of the dinosaur fighting style, but developer Lukewarm Media has injected distinction into each of these dinos as well. The Dilophosaurus' attacks cause temporary blindness or poisoning, while the headstrong Carnotaurus can charge through and scatter groups of humans like bowling pins. Meanwhile, the Pteranodon circling overhead can mark enemies for all teammates to see. Your map is more than a sketch of the surrounding lands: it's a personal guide to your adventure, beckoning you to uncover unexplored territory. It isn't just the marked activities that have you peeking into every nook, however, but the surprises lurking on mountaintops and within hidden caves. Suddenly, you're stumbl

Any of your units can carry one of these treasures (no matter whether it?s a hero character or not). Well, don?t worry too much about being able to carry just one object as these are rather scarce (they are treasures after all). Once the carrying unit is killed the treasure will immediately be laid on the ground ready to be picked up by another daring fighter. The damage the hero receives is based on his armor protection against weapons (blades, impact and missiles) and magical damage (fire, ice and energy). The definitive attributes of the hero (constantly shown during a fight) are the life energy, mana and endurance. These attributes can be individually increased when praying to the gods (Innos and Beliar). The gods are the only ones that allow the learning of spells (yes you need to pay and yes you need learning points) since the mages were only able to cast spells using the rune magic. The longest journey to make a sequel! The longest journey to play some really good point-and-click adventure game. The longest journey to meet April Ryan again. The journey took me to Dreamfall! Welcome! Tell a friend! "Dream on!" is not ironic any more. Who wants to wake up from Zoe's dream? Forget the word "real" for some time. Let's play a game. Let's say it's a game... Sweet dreams are made of this Dreamfall experience. Fans of the first title of the series or future fans of Funcom's game, this is an adventure you must not miss! Driven to desperation by economic necessity, many of the former city dwellers, as well as many small farmers, were forced to give up basic rights in order to receive protection from large landholders. The former became a half-free class of citizens known as coloni. They were tied to the land (they could not leave the lands of their lord without his permision) and, thanks to later Imperial reforms, their positions were made hereditary. This provided an early model for serfdom, which would form the basis of the medieval feudal society. The basics from Medieval were preserved. A good deal of improvements was added though. Well, maybe you didn't have the pleasure of enjoying that, so let me present it from scratch. First of all you have to make a choice out of an impressive number of 17 (seventeen) factions that include nations from Europe, North Africa and Middle East. Each one of them has different specific units and will come with its pros and cons. As the world map is rather accurate, you're big adventure will start off from the location of your chosen nation. Real time strategies were always among the favorite games to be played. These usually offer a great replay value and 99 percent of the time, come with a multiplayer option so no matter how uninteresting the computer challenge is, a human opponent could just make it the most fun game there ever was. Another extremely addictive subject was space and space exploration along with battles over the supremacy in the Solar System, galaxy or even the entire universe. With these in mind, a space RTS should easily attract quite a few people. Graphics stunned the point-and-click adventure fans in 2000, when The Longest Journey emerged and they will be stunned again with Dreamfall. Great backgrounds and great character design transport you to the world of dreams in which Zoe navigates. Staring at an abyss beneath you, or the traffic of space ships in the sky is what the environment makes you do. The characters animations are well done, specially the movements and speech. The shadows are however, a bit odd at times, mostly when Zoe walks on ice, or areas covered in snow. It's a bit annoying to see the game engine doesn't allow some basic moves like any involving jumping. You are not allowed to fall off the dock, into the water, nor walking through the lake or passing small obstacles like bushes. NPCs here for trading purposes mostly. They're not so talkative, nor that many, but sometime manage to get some interesting dialogues. Although there is a great deal of variety concerning clothes and faces, there is only a limited number of male and female models so they all pretty much have the same built. How does it work? Shadowgrounds is exclusively action focused, something that has a major drawback: it wears the player down through a repetitive set of seemingly meaningless actions (push buttons, fire weapons). However, the game makes use of a simple but valuable trick: a tad of briefing for every so often to help you catch your breath and resuscitate the motivation to keep you going. With all the alien butchering, a human voice or someone to team up with definitely saves the game from an otherwise inevitable feeling of boredom. NetDevil managed somehow to make this game easy...



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